Helping you plan a birth experience you feel confident about

Get support in making small lifestyle changes today  before pregnancy that can increase fertility, and lower health and birth risks for you and your growing family.

Lindsey Gemme, Birth Doula

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Packages start at $200

Makie your birth experience an empowering one. I can help with your birth plan,  breastfeeding basics, pain management techniques, and emotional and physical support through your labor and birth.

Pre- & Postpartum Wellness

One-on-one, personalized coaching for healthy prenatal nutrition/weight gain and postpartum diet/weight loss,  so that you can concentrate on more important things. 

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 Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Birth Doula

Pre- & Postpartum Wellness

She is not just a birth doula, but a companion and mentor in child birth preparation starting from before pregnancy, all the way through labor and after birth. Support includes nutrition education, self-care and lifestyle coaching, labor pain management, and breastfeeding support. Lindsey Gemme  serves residents of Arizona (Phoenix, Tucson, Pinal County areas).

Holistic Prenatal Wellness & Birth Doula Services