Not at all!

In fact, I consider my job a success if I am able to facilitate more interaction between the birthing person and her partner than I do so that both you and your partner feel supported, educated, and confident throughout labor and birth. This is such an important bonding experience for you both, you should have every opportunity to go through this journey together.​​

Are there benefits to having a doula?

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The word doula is from ancient Greek, meaning woman servant. Today, the term refers to men and women who are trained in labor and birth, and how to offer encouragement and intuitive as well as educated guidance to the birthing person and/or her partner throughout their birth experience.



  • Offer medical advice or diagnose 
  • Provide clinical care (e.g. vaginal exams, blood pressure checks, temperature, fetal heart tone checks, or postpartum clinical care
  • Speak for you to your medical team​
  • Make decisions for you

Does a doula replace dad?

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What does a doula do?

What is a doula?

There are so many benefits to having a doula with you through labor and in the birthing room, which can give you and your partner greater peace of mind.

Doula support helps lower the risk of cesarean birth by 28%,  can reduce use of synthetic drugs/pitocin by 31%, increases the chances of spontaneous vaginal birth by 12%, decreases use of pain medications by 9%, lower risk of baby going into the NICU by 14%, shorten labor up to 40 minutes, and even increases a woman satisfaction with her birth experience by 34%.


As your doula, I am a resource even before labor starts. I help coach and educate you and your partner on concerns to help reduce fears and anxieties and bolster your confidence in making educated decisions. We talk at length about any issues that could pop up during labor so that we can address those before the time comes, to ease you into the transition into parenthood.  

During our prenatals, I also provide education on self-care, basic infant care and feeding, and other education and resources as requested.

During labor, I offer hand-on or guidance on calming and relaxation techniques such as massage, acupressure, reiki touch therapy, hydrotherapy, visualization scripts or other hypnotherapy techniques, aromatherapy, breath work, as well as recommended birthing positions, and serve as your birth chronicler by taking notes on the events that pass throughout your birth and act as your photographer throughout labor and birth. I also greatly advocate for your birthing preferences to the medical team.

Upon the birth of your child, I support you in skin-to-skin time until your baby's first latch and breastfeeding, allow for mom to take her postpartum shower and prepare for her much deserved rest with her new family.