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Reiki Healing

Birth photography is available either bundled with or separate from doula services. But you may also schedule maternity, newborn/family ​lifestyle portrait sessions, from a half hour to two and half hours done on-location or in your home.

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Lifestyle and nutrition coaching is beneficial no matter what stage of life you are in! If you are looking for support in healthy weight loss, feeling more energized and confident, and/or are hoping to permanently adopt healthier habits before pregnancy (partner coaching encouraged) as well as throughout pregnancy and postpartum, then click below to start your journey to wellness!

Event & Lifestyle Portrait Photography

NOTE: A non-refundable retainer fee (50%) is due to secure on-call dates, the rest due after birth. Photography, though included, is secondary to birth support. Other photo sessions (maternity, newborn) may be purchased separately.

Using the naturally positive human response to touch and gentle body heat, reiki helps relax muscles, release tension, and promote soothing calm and self-healing. Beneficial before, as well as during pregnancy and birth, and for postpartum healing. Safe for men, women and children. All sessions done in-home.​ Contact me to schedule!

Breastfeeding & Infant Feeding

Set Yourself Up

for Success!

There are several factors that help a mother successfully breastfeed for the recommended six months to a year of life. They are:​

  • Intention to breastfeed
  • Social support (friends, family, pediatrician, etc.)
  • And the prenatal education a couple receives

It's never too early to begin educating yourself on life with a newborn, and especially the art of breastfeeding your new baby.

According to a New York based hospital report, of the families who had attended a prenatal breastfeeding class, 83 percent were successfully breastfeeding upon discharge. Breastfeeding education doesn't just give you the basics of positioning and how to pump, but the realities of newborn care, and how to support mom, and the tools to design a personalized feeding plan that fits your lifestyle, goals, and family dynamics.

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Investment Packages

Infant Feeding 101

One-on-One and Group Classes Available

Infant Feeding 101 Class, $250

Two-hour, in-home instruction on basics of breast and infant feeding including:

  • What to expect with newborn to six months
  • Individualized infant feeding plan based on breastfeeding goals
  • Comfortable feeding positions
  • Pumping & storing milk
  • Paced bottle feeding
  • Back to work breastfeeding plan
  • ... and more!

Holistic Fertility & Nutrition Coaching

Postpartum Infant Feeding Support, $250

Initial Feeding Visit (up to 2 hours)
2 Follow-Up Visits
Phone Consultations for any concerns or questions

At each visit, I will provide an observation of a feeding, compassionate troubleshooting regarding cause of concern (which might include an evaluation of infant’s oral anatomy, and mother's breast/nipple), assistance with bottle feeding or combination feeding if needed,  support with pumping and/or breastfeeding goals for returning to work, in order to ensure a healthy milk supply and breastfeeding relationship, and an individualized, holistic feeding care plan for mom, partner and baby.