What are the benefits? 
Reiki touch is known to help with many health complaints, including physical pain. During pregnancy, regular reiki treatments can help reduce symptoms of nausea, back and hip pain, and improve quality of sleep. It's also a very gentle, noninvasive tool to support a woman through labor. It is an amazing self-healing practice for a woman during her postpartum period related to tearing, episiotomies, Cesarian birth, and can help reduce pain from engorgement and or nipple sensitivity from nursing. Because of its relaxing and calming effects on the human body, it is also a boon to the body's immune system function.

But energy is not always surfing on the physical plane. By its nature, ki or chi is a pure electrical current and follows energetic pathways in our brain and body based on both physical and mental/emotional stimuli. So, reiki supports mental health as well, such as depression and anxiety which can affect 1 in 5 women during pregnancy as well as postpartum. ​

When and where can reiki be done?
While I provide reiki services in the homes of my clients, reiki can be done absolutely anywhere!  A person can be sitting in a chair/wheelchair, in a bed, on the floor, in a crowded cafeteria or in a quiet cabin in the woods. Although for complete relaxation, it is recommended that the reiki recipient be in a location she feels safe or at ease and in a position that is comfortable.

How many sessions should I have?
Although even 10 minutes a day can be beneficial, it is a good idea if you are just starting reiki touch therapy with a trained reiki master to have 4-8 sessions within the couple of months, and asses your need from there. After that, you may only need "top-off" sessions at your leisure. Sessions are usually an hour,  with half-hour sessions available for those "top-off" ongoing wellness maintenance sessions.

Who can do reiki? 
While reiki masters are trained to intuitively feel for areas of the body that are in need of support and treatment, touch therapy belongs to anyone. It is an easy practice that can be used at home on pets, children, and family or friends. All beings like to be touched, and whether you feel it or not when laying your hands on a loved one, both of you are receiving a wonderful exchange of positive, healing energy. So if between sessions you feel like you need a little mini-session, I can teach you how to have a friend or family member work on you, or you can even do the hand placements yourself!

Is it safe for pregnancy? 

Yes! Reiki is simply using the client's own natural body rhythms and energy channels to balance out or clear blockages that are causing pain or preventing true healing from taking place. In fact, reiki is known to help relax and benefit both mother and baby during sessions.

What is reiki?

Reiki is a method of stress reduction that facilitates healing. It was developed in Japan in the early 1900s by Dr. Mikao Usui. Rei in Japanese means "universal," or "higher knowledge"/"spiritual consciousness" and Ki (also known as chi in China or prana in India) means "life energy." 

How does reiki work?

Reiki uses the body's most natural positive human response to touch, which gently relaxes muscles, clears mental clutter, releases tension, and promotes soothing calm and self-healing. Professionally, reiki touch is done by a trained reiki master. It is performed using only the Reiki Master's hands through a simple series of hand placements, touching the client or hovering over the body. ​​

Reiki Package Pricing

Ten 60-Minute Sessions 


Four 60-Minute Sessions


Ten 30-Minute Sessions 


Four 30-Minute Sessions

Individual sessions available. All sessions done in-home​​.

Reiki Touch Therapy