Services & Investment

Lifestyle & Weight Management

From a holistic perspective, I support my clients in taking their entire life (mind and body) into account when addressing their lifestyle and diet to reach optimum health before pregnancy. 


Reiki Touch Therapy


Birth, Baby, Breastfeeding & More!

A doula is an incredible resource to have at your side throughout the latter part of your pregnancy and as a companion through your birth. She is your advocate, and as an experienced birth professional, can ease you through each stage and decision that needs to be made along the way to help make your birth experience a positive, empowering one. Includes basic education on nutrition, breastfeeding, and relaxation/pain management techniques.

Maternity and fresh 48 newborn photography combined packages with birth are available.

Pregnancy & Postpartum

One-on-one programs start at $125 (monthly or package services available). Couple counseling encouraged!

What Does "Holistic" Mean?

Holistic means "whole body medicine."  The miracle of life and the road to pregnancy benefits from tender and compassionate holistic care. 

We are complicated beings with intricate biology and complex emotions. You can’t pull these two systems apart. They influence each other deeply at an energetic and molecular level, and are dependent on each other to work correctly.

When we ignore the health of one, the other suffers greatly. And that is what is called an “imbalance.” And a tug-of-war between wellness and illness begins.

Using a holistic approach, which includes the realms of the mind (stress, negative beliefs & thoughts), body (exercise, food, environment, sleep), and soul (happiness, creativity, support systems, etc.), I will help you address fears or concerns related to birth & breastfeeding, parenting, fertility, healthy diet & lifestyle goals.


Wellness & Nutrition Support

A healthy mom means more now than ever before during this precious time in your life. Learn more about the increased needs of you and your baby through the trimesters, how to meet them and avoid negative birth outcomes through diet and lifestyle coaching, get the basics on breastfeeding, and guidance on healthy pregnancy weight gain.