Tai Chi Easy Practice Classes

Full Session of 12 Classes


Drop-In Fee


Individual sessions available, done in-home​​.

Is it safe for pregnancy?
Absolutely. But with any physical activity, please do ask your OB or primary care provider about your specific pregnancy and health conditions before starting. For most normal pregnancies, Tai Chi Easy™ can reduce stress, increase flexibility, improve balance, and can reduce back pain, swelling, and lower blood pressure.

How is Tai Chi Easy™ different?

Tai chi can include up to 108 traditional movements for personal practice. But not everyone has the time or is capable of committing to learning so many movements. Short form tai chi can include between 24 and 42 movements. But Tai Chi Easy™ breaks down this practice even further, into a very effective five movements as well as numerous Qigong exercises and practice tools. Tai Chi Easy™ can be done walking, standing, or sitting, depending on the needs of the individual.

What is Tai Chi?

It is an ancient form of Chinese martial arts. Tai Chi Easy™, though, also incorporates Qigong exercises, focusing on slow, mindful body movements, like a choreographed slow motion dance, and mental focus using visualization and deep breathing.

What are the benefits?

Tai Chi & Qigong helps the body relax and naturally release tense areas to break through constriction in the body, causing stagnation, and promote better flow of chi, or life energy in the body. It is a very noninvasive self-healing practice that can benefit internal organs, blood pressure, decrease pain, elevate mood, and much more.