My approach is a holistic one, which means that I support a successful and long lasting health transformation in my clients through awareness, confidence, and growth in all areas of their physical and emotional life. This helps to facilitate a reversal in negative patterns my clients may have adopted and internalized over the years in her mind, body, and/or spiritual beliefs and practices.

​Through my personal journey of overcoming health issues related to crippling low self-confidence, I came to understand the priceless value that comes with knowledge and personal support.  I act as mentor, hand-holding-partner, maternal influence and friend, all the things women need to feel safe and supported while embarking on making big decisions and lifestyle changes.

Because let's face it, change can be scary. So my joy, ultimately, is helping my clients through that journey, one small step at a time until they no longer need to hold onto my hand to walk down that path. They start striding down that road with a renewed sense of confidence and purpose, armed with self-awareness, knowledge, and love and compassion.

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About My Approach